An affordable, enjoyable gathering of designers and developers sharing their workflow strategies, techniques, and experiences with responsive web design.

My name is Jeremy Keith and I’ll be your host for the day. You can read about the topics that will be covered, and take a look at the schedule.

Come along to the Corn Exchange in the Brighton Dome, Church Street, Brighton BN1 1UE from 9am on Friday, June 19th.

Last year

This is the third Responsive Day Out. Last year’s event was oodles of fun. You can listen to the podcast from 2014.

More reviews of our last two events can be found here.

Responsive Day Out was a truly fantastic conference, and it was all down to the curation of the conference, because quite literally there wasn’t anything else. - Adam Onishi
I have this thought running around in my head that I can’t quite shake yet. It is “So that actually happened”. - Kirsty Burgoine

Want to see more? Here are the photos of our previous Responsive Days Out.

The fine print: No refunds. If you’ve got a ticket and you can’t make it, just give your ticket to someone else. Remember, there won’t be lanyards or name badges or anything fancy like that (but if your company wants to sponsor an after-party, please let me know).

Responsive Day Out has a code of conduct and we know how to use it.