Tickets cost £50+VAT but they’re all sold out now.

An affordable, enjoyable gathering of UK designers and developers sharing their workflow strategies, techniques, and experiences with responsive web design.


  1. Sarah Parmenter: The Responsive Workflow
  2. David Bushell: Responsive Navigation
  3. Tom Maslen: Cutting the Mustard
  4. Jeremy chatting with Sarah, David, and Tom
  5. Richard Rutter: Responsive Web Fonts
  6. Josh Emerson: Asset Fonts
  7. Laura Kalbag: Design Systems
  8. Elliot Jay Stocks: RWD — The War Has Not Yet Been Won
  9. Jeremy chatting with Richard, Josh, Laura, and Elliot
  10. Anna Debenham: Playing with Game Console Browsers
  11. Andy Hume: The Anatomy of a Responsive Page Load
  12. Bruce Lawson: What’s Next in StandardsLand
  13. Jeremy chatting with Anna, Andy, and Bruce
  14. Owen Gregory: Antiphonal Geometry
  15. Paul Lloyd: The Edge of the Web
  16. Mark Boulton: In Between
  17. Jeremy chatting with Owen, Paul, and Mark

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You can find more coverage of the event on Lanyrd.

Thanks and sloppy kisses to our wonderful sponsors Gridset, A Book Apart, Shopify, and Mailchimp who are sponsoring video recordings by Besquare. Special thanks to Drew McLellan for recording the audio.

The fine print: No refunds. If you’ve got a ticket and you can’t make it, just give your ticket to someone else. Remember, there won’t be lanyards or name badges or anything fancy like that.